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Shipping Method : DHL Express


SHIPPING FEE : International Shipping Fee

SHIPPING PERIOD : 3 - 10 days

1. Free Delivery if total amount is over 100 US dollars for total amount below, a delivery fee is imposed

2. The recipient will be held responsible for international shipments which may be subject to import duties and taxes. Please be advised that these charges are levied by the destination country and we do not have control over them.

3. Some countries and regions might be out of reach for delivery.

Important : Your order is shipped once your payment has been cleared.

Please contact our customer service center if you would like to request an exchange or return on your order.

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Product Info
Frame color: Yellow Clear
Lens color: Khaki Brown
Meterial: Frame: Acetate / Temple : Acetate
Lens spec: UV 400/100% protection
Warranty: 6 months
  • A 142mm
    B 51mm
    C 35mm
    D 19mm
    E 145mm
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    KAI_C2 (카이 선글라스)



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    Instructions Our homepage do not provide glasses for purchase. If you wish to purchase CARIN's glasses, please kindly check your nearby retailer store or feel free to leave us an inquiry.

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    • Special Handling

      관리자:결제안내->취급시 주의사항

      Product Guide
      *If the product is dropped, the lens may be dislocated or lose screws and other decorative pieces.
      *Rust or discoloration may occur due to salt, cosmetics, or chemicals, etc. Please use it and keep it clean.
      *Using a hair band for a long time may cause product deformation or loosening.
      *When not in use, store your product in its case to minimize damage and protect the lens.

      Lens Guide
      *Lenses are classified as expendable and may be damaged due to mishandling.
      *Due to the nature of the mirror lenses, micro-scratches can occur. This is not a defect and cannot be exchanged or returned.
      *Prolonged exposure to high temperatures can cause deformation of the product shape or cause the lense coating to come off.
      *Due to the characterestics of the lens during initial wear, the individual may experience dizziness, but this is not a defect in the manufacturing of the product.

      Fitting Guide
      *At CARIN, our products are evenly balanced on the left and right for the customer's comfort and equilibrium.
      *Because of difference in each individual's facial alignment, some products may not look as desired. These are not defective products, however, and cannot be exchanged or refunded.
      *Visit your nearest CARIN store or optician for a fitting service.
      *When visiting an optician, some locations may incur separate costs.

      *When purchasing a product, the included case and gift cannot be exchanged or returned.

      Glasses Purchasing Guide
      *Glasses are shipped with plastic demo lenses. The brand logo is printed,
      and there is no coating or UV blocking, which may be difficult to wear on a regular basis.
      *Please visit your nearest optician's office to receive an eye exam and replace the lenses with the proper corrective or protective eyewear.

    • Warranty & Repairs

      *The warranty period is 6 months for sunglasses and 1 year for glasses.
      *Warranty is only valid for products with warranty guarantee code. If the warranty is lost or cannot be identified, service will be carried out as a paid service.
      *During the warranty period, if there is an issue due to customer carelessness, the service will be charged separately.
      *In the case of a damaged or discontinued product, service may not be available depending on parts inventory.

      Service Center Requests
      * Purchased products can be registered using the link at the bottom of the CARIN homepage.
      * After submitting a service request, one of our Service Experts will review the request and inform you of the cost and length of time for product repair.
      * If there are no repair charges, CARIN designated courier services to send to CARIN
      * If there are repair charges, use your local optician to ship directly to the CARIN Service Center

      Free Repair Service
      * In the event of defects in a normal purchase within the warranty period (6 months)
      * Requesting service again if the same issue occurs within 2 months after initial repair service.

      Paid Repair Service
      * If the warranty period has passed or if product damage is caused due to customer carelessness/tampering.
      * The repair cost will be based on the type of damage or parts necessary.

    • Returns & Exchanges

      For Online Purchases
      *If you are not satisfied with your purchase, returns and exchanges can be made.
      Shipping Address: R430 ITECO 150 Jojeong-daero, Hanam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea 12930
      *When sending a product, please write the name and color of the product you would like to exchange it with.
      *Exchanges can only be made for products of the same value as the original purchase price.

      Credit Card Payment: Expect to see refunds reflected 4~7 days after transaction cancellation (You can check with your credit company to confirm cancellation)
      Paypal and Alipay: Refund received immediately.

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